Football & Cheer

Gary Wills- Director BHAA Youth Football League

  • Bruce Holmes Athletic Association (VIKINGS) Youth Football Ellenwood, GA) is a full contact youth football league for ages 5-12 and will be a Division 1 Competitive Teams during the Fall and Spring seasons. We will also have a Football Cheer leading Program
  • BHAA VIKINGS youth football and cheerleading league
  • Our New Park will be located at the corner of Anvil Block Rd. and Fairview Rd.
  • UPDATES of CAMPS and OFF SEASON WORKOUTS and FLAG FOOTBALL TOURNAMENTS will be provided at a later date.
• Online and in-person Fall Tackle Football Registration dates Starting: Jan 23rd, 2016
in-person Times: 10:00am to 2:00pm Every Saturday
Where: Blue Office at Hidden Valley Park
Fees: $195.00

FREE Off-Season work-outs will be every Tuesday and Thursday beginning April 2nd, 2016 Workouts will be take place at Stockbridge Middle School fields (533 Old Conyers Rd. Stockbridge Ga. 30281)

We will also be proving FREE Clinic's and Camps. Dates: TBA
For more info go to our



PRIMARY: To provide an organized medium in which our youth are taught sportsmanship, teamwork and high moral standards. It is the responsibility of the BHAAYFL to provide a safe and enjoyable environment in which the game of football can be taught. To stress and promote academic excellence.

SECONDARY: To teach the principles, rules and techniques of the game of football. To develop a program which will encourage and improve physical fitness. To instill a feeling of pride in our youth for doing the best they can do, regardless of whether they win or lose.


The BHAAYFL Board will serve for a one-year term. The Director of Football shall be elected on the first Thursday of November by the members of the BHAAYFL in attendance at the meeting. The newly elected Director shall take office in an active and official capacity immediately after the election

Nominations for the director may be submitted to the BHAAYFL Board, in writing prior to the election or from the floor just prior the election.

BHAAYFL Officers shall be appointed by the Director. Officers in addition to the Director are:

1) Assistant Director
2) Treasurer
3) Secretary
4) Park Development


The Head Coach of each team shall be a Board Member.
In the event the number of Officers plus the number of Head Coaches equals an even number, the Director shall appoint an additional Board Member so that the total number of Board Members shall equal an odd number in order to avoid tied votes.


Director: Responsible for the overall operation of the BHAAYFL. This includes, among other things: Conducting all Board and Association meetings.

  • Approving all disbursement of funds.
  • Approving weekly financial reports.
  • Coordinating activities with other organizations such as Cheerleading, the league in which BHAAYFA is a member, ect.
  • Represents football on the Bruce Holmes Athletic Association Executive Board.

Assistant Director: Help the Director oversee the business of the BHAAYFA and assist the Director in his duties. Additionally, the Assistant Director’s duties include:

  • Field maintenance and general up keep of the grounds during football season.
  • Succeed the Director in the event the Director cannot fulfill his term.

Treasurer: Supervise and monitor the financial transactions and status of the BHAAYFL.

  • Paying all bills with written approval of the Director.
  • Prepare weekly cash report to be forwarded to the Chairman of theBHAA Executive Board after it has been approved by the Director.

Secretary: Duties include:

  • Take minuets of each meeting and providing copies to each board member and the BHAA Executive Board.
  • Scheduling meetings, arranging the time and placed of each meeting and publicizing each meeting.
  • Performing miscellaneous administrative duties of the BHAA

Duties common to all Board Members:

  • Attend and participate in all Board and Association meetings. Failure to attend three (3) scheduled meetings (within a year) shall result in removal from the Board. A scheduled meeting is a meeting in which five (5) days advance notice is given.
  • Approve all coaches.
  • The responsibilities and activities required to plan and implement fundraisers and/or any other events sponsored by the BHAAYFL shall be shared by all board members. The division of the duties associated with any specific activity shall be decided and assigned in a board meeting and documented in the minutes. Failure of a board member to carry out assigned duties in a manner satisfactory to the majority of the board shall result in removal from the board.
  • To promote the BHAAYFL.
  • To help monitor the activities of the coaches, parents and players as they relate to the BHAAYFL to ensure that the purpose of the association is observed and to ensure that the welfare of our youth is always our foremost concern.
  • The Director can only be removed by the following procedure.
  • Two thirds (2/3) of the Board must vote in favor of recommending to the BHAAYFL members that the Director be removed.
  • Upon a two thirds (2/3) vote in favor of recommending that the Director be removed, the Board shall schedule a meeting of the BHAAYFL members and present such recommendations. The Director shall have the opportunity to refute and accusations as he/she sees fit.
  • The BHAAYFL members shall by secret ballot vote on the recommendation.
  • If the Director is removed, the Assistant director shall become the interim Director and serve until the next election.


  • All checks must be signed by the Treasurer and counter signed by the Director.
  • In case the Treasurer is unable to carry out his/her responsibilities, the checks must be signed by the Director until the treasurer can resume his/her duties or until a new Treasurer is appointed by the Director.


  • All expenses in excess of $ 10.00 shall be paid by check.
  • No expenses shall be reimbursed without the proper receipts.
  • All purchases/disbursements must be approved in advance by the Director. Purchases not pre-approved by the Director shall not be reimbursed.


  • Each year prior to the beginning of football season, a budget must be prepared detailing the expected revenues and expenses of the upcoming year.
  • The budget must be approved by the BHAAYFL Board and submitted to the SAA Executive Board for approval in the June Executive Board meeting.
  • After the budget has been approved any significant deviations from the budget must be approved in writing by the SAA Executive Board.


  • Everyone who has a child participating in football is a member of the BHAAYFL.
  • Any Coach, or other approved representative of the BHAA is a member of the BHAAYFL.
  • Each member shall fill out a registration card in order to be eligible to vote.
  • Cards must be available for identification purposes, if necessary, at Association Meetings.


  • The BHAAYFL Board shall conduct an Association meeting on the first Thursday of each month August thru November.
  • The meetings shall be publicized at least one (1) week in advance by the Secretary.
  • All meetings shall be open to the public but only registered NHYFA members are eligible to vote.


  • In addition the Association meetings, the Board shall meet at least once per quarter. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Director.
  • Board meetings shall be open to the public but advance notice of meetings is required only if By-Law changes are to be considered.
  • Advance notice shall be given in a local paper two (2) weeks in advance if the meeting is held December thru July. Otherwise the Secretary shall publicize the meeting by posting notices and notifying team mothers.


  • Head Coaches from the previous year has first option to accept of refuse the Head Coaching position for their respective weight division. Preferably New Head Coaches must have at least 1 year coaching experience in BHAAYFL)
  • Minimum age of Head Coach is 21.
  • Assistant Coaches will be selected by the Head Coach and approved by the BHAAYFL Board.
  • Minimum age of Assistant Coaches is 18.
  • All Coaches must fill out an application to coach.


  • A two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board is required to discipline any coac.Disciplinary actions shall be decided by the Director and may include removal of a coach.
  • disciplinary actions for the following reasons among others.
  • Intoxication
  • Consuming alcohol of illegal drugs during a BHAAYFL sponsored event.
  • Abusive or disorderly conduct or language.
  • Majority of a respective teams Association members, including coaches, votes by secret ballot at a called Association meeting to remove a coach. This meeting must be scheduled and publicized at least one (1) week in advance. Only Association members from that team and Board members may attend.
  • Any conduct considered to be detrimental to the BHAAYFL.


  • A team shall consist of a maximum of 20 players and a minimum of 15 players.
  • If the number of players registered to participate in a certain weight division exceed 33 players, multiple teams shall be established in that weight division. The composition of the teams shall be established by a draft.

Ages and Weights

  • Playing age is determined by the rules for the league in which BHAAYFL is a member. Minimum age to participate in BHAAYFL is 5 years old and is determined as of July 31.
  • Playing Time
  • All players must play at least one (1) play each half of the game unless the game is called under a maximum point rule provided for in the league rules. This rule applies to all weight divisions and shall be enforced by the Head Coach.

The draft rules established by the league in which BHAAYFL is a member will determine how the composition of teams will be established in the event the maximum number of players permitted is exceeded. If the league in which BHAAYFL is a member does not have published draft rules. Such rules shall be incorporated into the By-Laws for future use.


  • As approved in the BHAAYFL By-laws, no child shall be prevented from participating in the program because they cannot pay the registration fee. Hardship will be approved at the discretion of the Director.
  • The combined income of the parents/guardians does not exceed $12,000.00 annually.
  • In order for the Board to certify approximate annual income at least one of the following documents must be provided:
  • Check Stub
  • W-2 form from previous year
  • If the maximum income allowed to qualify for the hardship, is exceeded, a participant may still qualify for hardship assistance if extenuating circumstances, (e.g. extended family illness), can be documented to the satisfaction of the Director.
  • If the Director grants/denies hardship assistance due to extenuating circumstances, the Board must document in writing the basis in which its decision was made. The Board must demonstrate in this documentation that it acted in an impartial manner in determining eligibility for hardship assistance.


  • A jersey may be retired by the majority vote of the BHAAYFL Board in honor and in memory of a youth that has participated in the football program, who has contributed to the integrity and success of the program and who has unfortunately and sorrowfully passed away.
  • It is with the highest regard that the Board retires the following jersey(ies) and declares that such a jersey(ies) shall not be used by any team in the NHYFA.

The By-Laws herein do not in any way supercede or replace the By-Laws of the league in which BHAAYF is a member of the BHAA. In fact, by this reference, the By-Laws of the league and of the BHAA are incorporated into these By-Laws. Any amendment to the league or to the BHAA By-Laws are automatically considered to be applicable to the BHAAYFL By-Laws.

The BHAA members in attendance at any scheduled and publicized meeting shall constitute a Quorum for the transaction of any BHAAYFL or Board meeting.
The Quorum established above is not applicable, however, in meetings held for the purpose of amending the BHAAYFL By-Laws. A two thirds (2/3) vote by the Board in favor of amending the By-Laws is required in order to effect changes to the By-Laws.


  • All meetings shall be called by the Director and conducted in an orderly fashion. Roberts Rules of Order shall only be used as a guide in conducting meetings. It is not required that Roberts Rules of Order be strictly followed in order to legitimately conduct meetings.
  • Amendment to the By-Laws:
  • Fundraisers: No individual team should have a fundraiser without the consent of the Board.
  • The BHAAYFL Director can appoint Head Coaches in all age groups in the BHAAYFL
  • Football division and D-2 Football division “ IF Applicable”.
  • Head Coaches with Cheerleaders must attend one cheer competition with the
  • Football team. The team must wear team jersey to support the cheerleaders.
  • If Head Coach and Team don’t participate they will be subject to a fine.